About TJF

Our Mission

To enhance the educational, charitable, scholarly, leadership development, and community service programs of the Texas Junior Chamber of Commerce (aka Texas Jaycees) while expanding the Junior Chamber movement.

Our Goals

  • Provide a hand up to students striving for higher education.
  • Preserve and enhance the Texas Jaycee Legacy.

What is the Jaycee Foundation?

The Texas Jaycee Foundation was established in 1963 and is a certified 501(c)(3) non-profit organization comprised of active and past members of Jaycee chapters throughout Texas. The Foundation traditionally provided funding for ongoing projects and programs that meet its criteria. This has included funding a hospital wing dedicated to the physical rehabilitation and continuing education of young men and women with paralyzing disease or injuries, providing annual college scholarships, and assisting active Jaycees to attend skills and personal development training.

About the Texas Jaycees

It is always encouraging to find eager young people who believe that a commitment is a promise and seek additional opportunities to participate and contribute outside their job description. Businesses prosper and companies grow with people like these. Fortunately, the Texas Junior Chamber of Commerce (Texas Jaycees) has been instilling these values and turning out strong individuals who exemplify these vital measures of character since 1928.

Jaycee leaders have a history of emerging from their community activities to serve on major state-wide committees dealing with physical handicaps and illnesses in children and adults to ethics in government. Jaycee projects underway in Texas today will benefit hundreds of communities as the organization continues to provide leadership training through community development.

The Motivation for this commitment to community service is the individual member’s desire to live up to tenets of the Jaycee Creed. On the day they join, all new members begin to learn the Creed and many continue to live by it long after active membership ceases.

The Six affirmative beliefs contained in the Jaycee Creed are faith, independence, responsibility, service, and adherence to constitutional law. These beliefs have the power, when vigorously applied, to turn lives around, stimulate business, purge bad government programs, and free citizens and enterprises from the burden of flawed polices and regulations.

Jaycee membership automatically expires at age 41, otherwise the organization would not retain its dynamic environment where fresh young minds are challenged to generate a mix of community betterment projects and see them through to completion. This is how leadership is learned and earned.

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