RJ Montgomery


Board Member Since: 1984
Home Chapter: Houston
Local Offices: General Chairman, Director, Vice President, Executive Vice President, State Director
State Offices: Vice President Texas
Senate Offices: Director, Secretary, Vice President, President
USJCI Offices: Vice President, Ambassador to Mexico

Foundation Vision:

In a small way, assist those young people one more inch to make a foot.

Candace Hollis

Scholarship Director

Board Member Since: 2014
Home Chapter: Victoria
Local Offices: Treasurer, President, Texas
State Offices: Regional Director, Management Vice President, Administrative Vice President, Membership Vice President, President
USJCI Offices: US Jaycee Vice President

Foundation Vision:

I get great pleasure in watching young adults grow personally and professionally; knowing I am part of this foundation, helping individuals achieve their dreams fills my heart with joy. The Texas Jaycee Foundation has helped so many young adults attend college or trade school who may not have been able to without the scholarship they were awarded.  The Foundation is a non-profit organization that solely relies on donations. It would be amazing to watch the Foundation flourish and to be able to award twice as many scholarships and perhaps larger than those currently granted to students.

Logan Giesie

Vice Chairman and Treasurer

Board Member Since: 2014
Home Chapter: Victoria
Local Offices: President
State Offices: Project Manager, District Director, Chaplain

Foundation Vision:

To ensure spirit of the Texas Junior Chamber of Commerce by assisting other Texans to achieve their potential.

Greg Peebles


Board Member Since: 2018
Home Chapter: Garland
Local Offices: Chaplain, Director, Vice President, President
State Offices: District Director, Regional Director, Vice President
Senate Offices: Treasurer, Secretary, Vice-President, President

Foundation Vision:

In a small way, assist those young people one more inch to make a foot.

Pat McLaughlin III


Board Member Since: 2019
Home Chapter: Brownwood
Senate Offices: President

Foundation Vision:

Joined the Brownwood Jaycees in 1981. Pat served his chapter and community being involved in the endless parade of projects for the community and Chapter. Serving as Individual Development V.P, Membership V.P. and State Director In 1991 Pat was elected the 62nd President of the Brownwood Jaycees and finished his term in excess of 600 local members. He received the George O Wilson award for Outstanding Chapter President in Texas and the Charles Culp Jr. Memorial Award as top Chapter President in the Nation and was recognized Internationally for the #1 Chapter in the World for Membership Development and Growth. At state level Pat served as District Director, Regional Director, Area 1 Vice President and Texas On-To Chairman to National Convention in St. Louis.

In 1993 he was honored with JCI Senatorship #51208. The highest honor for any Jaycee. In 2018-19 he served the Senate as Secretary, 2019 as Administrative Vice President and 2019 – 2021 as President of the Texas JCI Senate.

“My wife Vicki and I have four great kids Ashley, Patrick, Cameron, and Alex. We are first-time grandparents by my daughter Ashley and her husband Zack to a wonderful little fellow, Mason Brian Lundy”.

“My son Patrick and I are partners in a company called “Matcha Organics”. Patrick approached me about beginning a business selling powdered tea leaf’s called Matcha Green Tea. Tuesday, October 28th in 2014 we sold our first bag of tea. Our product on and Amazon is now sold in the United States, Canada and five European countries. We have expanded our line to include Cooking Grade to Ceremonial Grade Matcha in a variety of package sizes from both Japan and China.”

“I joined the Brownwood Jaycees because someone asked. I felt privileged that someone thought enough of me to ask me to join their club. The acquaintances, friends, brothers, and sisters I have been honored to get to know have made a profound difference in my life. At Santa Domingo during an Area C World Jaycee Conference, my wife and I met a young lady that was explaining how the Jaycees saved her life. How Manuel Noriega would send his military to drag poor people out of their homes to be beaten in the street to maintain fear and control. Jaycees in Panama are considered upper class which Noriega did not want to provoke. This girl was from a poor family and in the middle of the night was drug out of her home into the street. She was about to be beaten until they spotted the Jaycees lapel pin and immediately brushed her off, begged her forgiveness for fear of being beaten themselves and rushed off. She was sponsored by her employer as their representative because the dues were so expensive. This was an eye-opening experience my wife and I that we would always remember because depending on your commitment to your community, your involvement can literally be a life changing experience.”

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