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The Texas Senate was formed in 1968 at the Area VI Summer Convention in Port Arthur by a small group of Texas Senators. J. D. Ochsner, Senator No. 2996 of Houston was elected President, Eddie Dansby, Senator No. 8352, of Pasadena, Vice President and the late Fred Brown, Senator No. 8650, of Deer Park, Secretary-Treasurer. Some of the other Jaycees in attendance included Bill Green, Bill Schroeder and Chuck Wilson.

The next meeting of the Texas Senate was held at the 1969 State Convention in San Antonio where Senators Eddie Dansby were elected President, Fred Brown, Vice President and Chuck Wilson, Secretary-Treasurer. Then on August 24, a meeting of some fifteen Senators was held at the “Apollo Rendezvous” Summer Convention in Pasadena where plans were made to develop a larger and stronger Senate with the drafting of a constitution and by-laws.

A Bi-Annual meeting of the Senate was held at the 1969 Fall Board Meeting in Odessa with a large attendance of Senators from across the State, including National Vice President Bob Buck from San Antonio. The proposed constitution was adopted which set out the purpose of the Senate, explained the eligibility of membership and setting annual dues of $5.00. It also set up the organization of the Executive Committee and the Board of Directors. It was decided that Directors would be elected from the same geographical areas as set forth in the policy and by-laws of the Texas Jaycees.

One of the most important steps in the Senate’s history developed when the Jaycee delegates at the Fall Board Meeting unanimously changed their by-laws to officially recognize the Texas J. C. I. Senate Organization.

The highlights of the first full year’s operation of the Senate was reported to the 25 Senators who attended the annual meeting on May 16,1970 at the Ft. Worth Jaycee State Convention. Some 35 new Senatorships had been awarded during the year to deserving Jaycees, bringing the total to over 125 in Texas. Many of these presentations were made by members of the Senate. Senator Chuck Wilson, No. 9216 of Pasadena, was elected President, Paul Merrill, No. 10,860 of Irving, Vice President and Lyle Watrus, No. 11,489 of Houston, Secretary Treasure. A hospitality booth was hosted by the Senate for all the
Texas Jaycees and wives in attendance.

In 1970-71 some 32 Senators paid their dues to really strengthen the financial status of the Senate. New plans were made to broaden the activity of the Senate and support the Texas Jaycees. A Texas J.C. I. Senate pin was developed for Senators and many were given and traded to other Senators at the National Convention in St. Louis.

The Bi-annual meeting was held in October at the Irving Fall Board Meeting. It was voted to publish the Directory for the Texas Jaycees for the following year. Senator Bill Green
was appointed to “Look Into” the possibility of the Senate financing the annual Local Presidents Conference. President Chuck Wilson presented a memorial medallion to Kathy Brown on behalf of Senator Fred Brown who helped organize the Texas Senate. Many other deserving Senatorships were presented this year at many local, district and state functions.

A well-attended annual meeting was held in Amarillo at the State Convention. Senator Dan Winship No 12,345 of Corpus Christi was elected President, Quien Stapleton, No. 11081 of Amarillo, Vice President and Aubrey Linne, No. 11,355 of Richardson, Secretary Treasurer. A proposed by-law change was submitted by Senator Dansby to the Texas Jaycees to make the President of the Senate a non-voting member of the Executive Committee. It was unanimously passed and referred to the next Board meeting of the Texas Jaycees for official adoption. A well-attended bi-annual Senate meeting was held at the Longview Fall Board Convention.

The next Senate meeting was hosted by President Dan Winship at the 1972 Corpus Christi State Convention, with over 70 Senators, visitors and wives in attendance, including State President Rick Clayton, Past State President Malcom Talmon, and Florida State President Randy Avon. A large reception with hors d’oeuvres & refreshments was held honoring the newly elected President Benny Cook, Senator No. 11,082 of Killeen, Vice President Wayland Quisenberry, Senator No. 12,362 of Lufkin, and Secretary Treasurer Bob Pearson, Senator No. 14,005 of League City. The Texas Jaycees Board of Directors unanimously approved the by-law change making the President of the Senate a non-voting member of their board.

A hospitality room was conducted by Senator Chuck Wilson at the Beaumont Summer Board Meeting honoring all State Officers. New Senate constitution and by-law changes were approved at the bi-annua1 meeting raising the Senate dues from $5.00 to $10.00 annually. Senator Wilson was elected Vice president of the new U. S. Senate at the National Convention in Atlanta.

President Cook hosted a hospitality Room at the Annual meeting at the 1973 Austin State Convention. The new Jaycees International World Directory of Senators was distributed. Another well attended annual meeting was held with Senators Wayland Quisenberry of Lufkin being elected President, John Powell, Senator No. 13,042 of Ft. Worth, Vice President, Eddie Dansby of Pasadena, Secretary and Dave Dodd, Senator No. 11,354 of Richardson, Treasurer.

Senator Bill “Tiger” Miller, No. 13,935, from Waco was elected Vice President of the U. S. Senate at the National Convention in Minneapolis.

A special called meeting of the Senate was held at the Local President’s Conference in Bryan-College Station in June. Senator Miller from Waco was appointed Officer in Charge of International Activities and Senator Norm Williamson, No. 14,699 of Houston appointed Officer in Charge of Public Relations. The Senate changed it’s name to Texas Jaycee International Senate Senator Quisenberry conducted a well-attended meeting at the Summer Board at Victoria. A new Texas J.C. I. Senate pin was designed by Senator Dansby showing a Texas Senator shaking hands with another Senator in front of a world globe. The Texas Senate was designated by the U. S. Senate to design and produce a National U.S. Senate pin.
Senator Bill Miller reported on the World Congress in Nice, France.

The 1974 annual meeting at El Paso was hosted by the Juarez Jaycees and was one of the best meetings ever held. A bus load of Texas Senators and wives attended this affair in Mexico. Also in attendance was the President of the U. S. Jaycees, Senator Rick Clayton, Jr, No. 14753 from Texas, Senator Leonardo Solis, National Vice President, Mexico, Senator Walterio Sein, National Vice President, Mexico, Senator Cezar Terrazas, President Juarez Senate and Senator Hector Escobedo, President, Juarez Jaycees.
Senator Quisenberry passed out awards to several Senators for their outstanding work in the Senate. Senator Bill Miller from Waco announced his candidacy for President of the U.
S. Senate. Senator Sam Oliver, No. 2470 of Waco won a new Texas Senate pin for
having the lowest Senate number of those in attendance. A large reception was held in the beautiful Jaycee Building by the Juarez Senators. John Powell from Ft. Worth was elected President, Art Oswald, No. 9746 of Pasadena, Vice President, Andy Schmedthorst, No. 9456 of Waco, Secretary and Leroy Ingram, No. 16859 of Houston, Treasurer.

At Summer board meeting in July at McAllen, Senator Powell conducted the Senate meeting with about 40 Senators present. It was agreed to sponsor the Texas Jaycee Roadrunner Award and to name it the “Sam Oliver Memorial Award” after one of our most outstanding Senators who had passed away that year. A proposed procedure for application and qualifications guidelines for new Senatorships was submitted to the Senate by Senator Powell for study.

More than 75 Senators were in attendance at the Astrohall in Houston for the May 16, 1975 annual meeting conducted by Senator Powell. The first Texas J. C. I. Senate Directory was passed out to the members. More discussion on the qualification guidelines for new Senatorships was held. Senator Powell presented appreciation awards to his officers and District Directors. A very hotly contested election followed with secret ballots being counted by the past Presidents in attendance. Don Oaks, Senator No. 17495 of Lake Jackson edged out Art Oswald of Pasadena for President. Andy Schmedthorst of Waco edged out two other Senators for Vice President. Kim Cook, Senator No. 18571 of Houston was elected Secretary and Bill Stafford, No. 19651 of Fredericksburg, Treasurer.

On the same day at 7:30 P.M., the Pasadena Jaycees under the leadership of Senator Chuck Wilson and Senator Bill Sanders, No. 18167, hosted more than 125 Senators, wives, and guests in three sky boxes in the Astrodome at the Astros – Mets baseball game. A good time was enjoyed by all, with plenty of hospitality.

President Don Oaks conducted the Senate meeting on July 26, 1975 at the Summer Board in Austin. R. J. Montgomery, No. 18569, from Houston was appointed Secretary
since Kim Cook had resigned. Senator Quisenberry presented the new Texas J.C. I. Senate pin showing “Ole Jake” sitting on a fence. It was suggested the hospitality rooms for Senators be set at the four Texas Jaycee District Meetings. Other business included discussion about a Texas Senate Newsletter, the Awards Program, the Senate Directory and the need to sign up more Senators in the Texas Senate.

The 1976 Annual meeting was held at the Ft. Worth Convention Center and was well attended. Senator Don Oaks conducted the meeting which heard reports from all the Senate officers. Senator Bill Miller gave a report on the U. S. Senate. It was again recommended that more Senators be contacted to join the Texas Senate. Andy Schmedthorst from Waco was elected President, Bill Stafford from Fredericksburg, Vice President, Dale Hamilton, No. 18229 from Richardson, Treasurer and Jerry Brackman, No. 16954 from Euless, Secretary. At the noon luncheon of the State meeting, all Senators at the State Convention were together at the head table to assist in the presentations. Several new Senatorships were presented by President Oaks. A reception and dinner was held at Jeton’s and was hosted by Senators from Ft. Worth. The entertainment was outstanding which featured dancers from a local dance club.

The 1976 Semi-Annual Meeting was held at the Moody Center in Galveston on Saturday, July 31 in conjunction with the Texas Jaycees Summer Board/F.O.Y.T. Meeting.

Constitution and By-Laws

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Past Presidents

1968 – J. D. Ochsner | Houston
1969 – Eddie Dansby | Pasadena
1970 – Chuck Wilson | Pasadena
1971 – Dan Winship | Corpus Christi
1972 – Benny Cook | Killeen
1973 – Wayland Quisenberry
1974 – John Powell | Lufkin
1975 – Don Oaks | Lake Jackson
1976 – Andy Schmedthorst | Waco
1977 – Bill Stafford | Fredericksburg
1978 – R. J. Montgomery | Houston
1979 – Bill Schroeter
1980 – Leo Hickman
1981 – Ron Cartlidge | Austin
1982 – Tony Dominiec | Irving
1983 – Emory Wyatt | San Antonio
1984 – Ed Cox | Houston
1985 – Keith Locke | Pasadena
1986 – Driscoll Tubbs | Richardson
1987 – Eddie Anderson | Sherman
1988 – Ed White | Alief
1989 – Oscar Zaldivar | San Antonio
1990 – Scotty Croom | Alief
1991 – Nolan Terrill | Irving
1992 – Jumper Davis | Midland
1993 – Pat Felder | Alief
1994 – Bob Sears | Alief
1995 – Paul Fraser | San Antonio
1996 – Kevin Faherty | Ft. Worth
1997 – David Gilkeson | Alief
1998 – Donnie Yandle | Mt. Belvieu
1999 – Lisa Gilkeson | Houston
2000 – Thomas Hill | Houston
2001 – Check Schriever
2002 – David Castle | Houston
2003 – Curt Schriever
2004 – Leisa Peebles
2005 – Bruce Sostak
2006 – Greg Peebles
2007 – Dr. June Stansky | Baytown/Houston
2008 – Doug Gressett
2009 – David Johnson
2010 – Jack Cornutt
2011 -Logan Giese | Wharton
2012 – Linda Middleton | Baytown
2013 – Judy Cornutt
2014 – Marvin Longabaugh
2015 – John Hollis
2016 – Janice Harrison
2017 – Dave Shaefer
2018 – Rob McCann
2019 – Scott Hecklinger
2019 – Pat McLaughlin III | Brownwood
2020 – Pat McLaughlin III (53) | Brownwood
2021 – John Bassee (54) | Flower Mound
2022 – Bill Medding (55) | Paris
2023 – Candace Hollis (56) | Bryan

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